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At “Absolute Siberia”   we offer extraordinary journeys in Lake Baikal area & Mongolia:
Traveling with Absolute Siberia means being a part of sustainable tourism in Baikal and Mongolia Asia. Trips and adventures we offer are life and soul enriching, a life time experience, giving visitors a fresh way to explore and appreciate the area's abundant wildlife and cultures...
       Absolute Siberia tour itineraries will enable you to experience shaman rituals, explore indigenous cultures and learn local histories, see a variety of flora and fauna in Russia’s and Mongolian nature preserve areas, the ancient Karakorum capital, throat-singers of Tuva, enjoy a comfortable cruise on Lake Baikal, go boating or rafting from Mongolia directly to Russia,   have one-of-a-kind winter vacation in Siberia during “Winteriada” Baikal Nordic Games Festival, visit other prominent events or take part in them, spend your romantic summer vacation on Olkhon Island , just relax in a comfortable yurt-camp on the shore of Lake Hovsgol with tranquility at your door , or explore the city of Irkutsk – Paris of Siberia and Its Microcosm…
                                                     The Way We Travel & Operate Our Tours
 Many areas Absolute Siberia takes tourists to are quite isolated and have remained pristine; you will be able to appreciate their natural beauty and primordial ways of life of some people inhabiting our geographic destinations, classical Russian and local cultures.
Throughout our tour itineraries you will have the opportunity to witness efforts being made by the national parks and nature preserves for positive conservation action. Few of our trips focus on capturing the essence of Siberia, Baikal and Mongolia Asia in a short time, and most will not require a fairly active schedule to lead. On our tour programs on some nights, you'll stay in Buryat yurts or Mongolian gers, and retreat lodges, the on other nights you will stay in comfortable and best available hotels, and on our active outdoor adventures like trekking or horseback riding to the Darkhad Depression you may   overnight in tents or tepees. Many of our trips may be considered as active leisure trips with few opportunities for strenuous pursuits. But no matter what kind of tour of your choice you go on with us, be it a cultural journey or active adventure – every effort will be made to make you feel comfortable and safe, provide tasty meals, friendly and warm atmosphere. We will gladly help you plan an adventure of a lifetime
 At all times during the trip you will be accompanied by a knowledgeable l bilingual guide and tour escort who are not just randomly selected by us in order to serve you right on any of our tour itineraries of your choice. We personally know the guides we hire and trust them, being well  motivated to give you the best travel experience possible  our professional guides  are focused on bringing you the best of Lake Baikal and that of Siberia… In addition, you often will have talks by and discussions with local experts, and on some trips lectures by naturalists, archeologists, and national parks personnel are also included. 
Usually prices of our trips in Lake Baikal area and beyond include all meals and lodging   from arrival in your starting point of the trip and throughout the full run of the tour itinerary as it is correspondingly described in each case. If there's a great sight along your route, we’ll make sure it is included!
The price will also includes all activities, named in our brochures, domestic flights or train fare except few optional items and services. Your travel budget with us won't be eaten away by the daily offered at extra-cost optional excursions that some companies use to keep their "sticker prices" artificially low.  We widely practice tier-pricing of the trips when the cost per person shall be quoted according to the number of tour participants in a group. Further, the trip price often does not include the cost of alcoholic beverages, gratuities, and items of a personal nature.
Almost any of the trips in Baikal-Mongolia Asia we offer except for few are customizable to meet your special requirements. We will gladly and professionally design private itineraries that fully expose the traveler to sights and experiences not found on typical trips. We are devoted to finding places around Baikal-Mongolia Asia where one can reconnect with nature and learn the right people. 
We are committed to showing you Baikal and Mongolia Asia, other our destinations in a sustainable way,
and the way it will make your trip truly enjoyable and unforgettable.
Please, be our guest!

Регионы Сибири и Байкало-Монгольской Азии :
Центральная Сибирь





Дальний Восток


Хабаровский Kрай

Приморский край

Байкало-Монгольская Азия

Два Великих Озера Азии

Чайный Путь



Север Сибири

Якутия –Республика Саха

Магадан и Чукотка



Национальные парки Сибири
Погода в г. Иркутске
СБ (13.07, утро) 16 / 14 День
СБ (13.07, день) 23 / 21 День
СБ (13.07, вечер) 22 / 20 День
ВС (13.07, ночь) 16 / 14 Ночь


Сибирский Земельный Конгресс





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